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The Nougat Factory began, as most ventures do, when I was a just a little girl passionate about confectionery. As a 14 year old, I was as much interested in the making of sweets as I was in eating them ("testing out the flavours", I'd prefer to say).

After attending a few sweet making classes and realising how much myself and the others had enjoyed the nougat most of all, I grew inspired to make it and share it with as many people as I could. I spent almost all of my time making nougat, until eventually, years later, I'd become so good at making them that I'd decided to turn it into a business.

I continued to make each nougat by myself, measuring each ingredient, cutting every wrapper, packing them one-by-one into tubs.

The demand and the business grew as I did, and I needed help in order to maintain the quality of my product. I began vocational training for a few ladies and taught them to do what I do as well as I could, and in the exact method that I carry out.

This strictly halaal nougat continues to be made to perfection, with every effort and utmost passion being put into each process of it's production.

All our products are SANHA approved

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